About Us

Crown Furniture was founded by Ahmed Tarek, who emigrated from Egypt to Southern California in 20--.  Having worked for many years in the tech communications industry, Ahmed decided to change direction and pursue his passion for history, storytelling, and elegance through the unique industry of furniture reproductions.  Each reproduction made by Crown Furniture has a story behind it that we hope will teach our customers something new and expand their perspective in all aspects of everyday life.

Crown Furniture delivers high end, antique reproductions of European furniture all over the United States.  Hand crafted at our workshop in Egypt by our finest artisans, we specialize in French and Italian style masterpieces that only our unique and refined Egyptian taste can deliver.  Our classic pieces are both timeless and functional, offering a beautiful elegance to your interior design project.

Each piece is hand-made by Crown Furniture’s professional, highly-skilled master artisans, using the highest quality materials.  We are proud to deliver antique and vintage reproductions of the highest quality for the most discriminating eye.

Please browse our expansive catalogue of hundreds of pieces, or come visit one of our showrooms in Southern California, and see with your own eyes what sets us apart.